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A network born ready
for the technology
of tomorrow

Power the future's infrastructure
with Ciena's Adaptive Network™

The world is getting smarter. But in an age where AI, big data, and automation are becoming central to our lives, our cities are only as intelligent as the network they’re built on.

‘Smart’ isn’t static. It’s a constantly evolving process that needs to keep pace with the demands of users. Cities need a solid foundation—a versatile underlying network that can anticipate, react, and scale when needed.

In short, cities need a network that can adapt.

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Tomorrow’s cities: evolving from smart to adaptive

Staying smart means keeping pace with bandwidth demands.

How smart cities are getting smarter

In the future, everything will be connected. Get the facts on the technologies that are pushing boundaries and transforming the cities in which we live.

The Adaptive Network Use Cases

See the full Adaptive Network Use Case series.


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The Adaptive Network - Mastering Complexity

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